A Doubly Special Day for Carl

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There was a wonderful celebration at Shinfield on Sunday 25 Feb when Carl was baptised. Carl joined the church on New Years eve 2017. He had believed in God for a long time but recently  sensed that his life was not right with God. He felt convicted of his need to apologise to God for this. Knowing that Carl wanted to follow God, some friends encouraged him to find a church where he could be loved and supported as he followed Jesus. Carl decided to come to Shinfield Baptist Church where he was made welcome. During the Sunday morning services that he attended, Carl learnt how the first followers of Jesus were baptised (just as his followers continue to be today). Likewise Carl was keen to be baptised with the first practicable day to perform the baptism  falling on Carl’s birthday.    The day of the baptism therefore celebrated both birth and re-birth for Carl who was joined on this special service by friends and family. A lunch for all after the event  served to round off the morning in a wonderful way.