Church Weekend Away Comment

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Last Friday the church had a weekend away at Ashburnham Place a Christian retreat located near Battle in East Sussex. Situated in 220 acres of beautiful grounds, and gardens it was the perfect setting to get away and fellowship with others.

Elizabeth Rock had prepared everyone some lovely fruity home made cocktails on arrival to quench our thirst from the long journey … Cocktail umbrellas included of course.

The evening started with some light worship followed by a couple of team ice breaker games. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves even after the lengthy journey.

Saturday began with Nathan leading a couple of teaching sessions. Children, Youth and Adults all had their had their own separate groups to attend.

In the afternoon there was free time to chill, fellowship or visit various local attractions.  A few decided to stay closer to home and explore the grounds of the estate.


During the evening we had a bonfire and small fireworks display. Small candle holders were fashioned from the glass jars previously used for our cocktail glasses. Most of us walked down to the bonfire situated near the main lake with the aid of candlelight. We did end up needing a little torch light as well…