More Beans Please!


Four members of the Shinfield Church family were on a very specialist diet in the run -up to Easter. Aiden, Chris, Malcolm and Nathan were eating just beans, rice and oats and drinking only water for a period ranging from two to five days. They were taking part in the charity Tearfund’s ‘Mean Bean’ challenge. Their daily calorie intake was just half of that for the average male in the UK. And they weren’t on a diet!

In fact they were raising awareness of the poor quality diet that millions of people across the world are forced to survive on each day. Take Matunda, for example who lives in the Congo region in Africa. She desperately wants to provide for her family, but all she gets for a hard day’s labour is a tiny handful of yams and cassava leaves. They only eat one small meal a day.

As well as raising awareness. The four were also raising funds to help people like Matunda lift themselves out of poverty. If you would like to donate you can go to their JustGiving page here ‘The No 1 Beans.’ Oh and the picture – yes that is a cooked breakfast – their celebratory meal the day after the challenge finished!