How ‘Our Father’ Transforms Your PrayerĹžovĂˠSeptember 25, 2016 Download: Audio ‘Our idea of the God we pray to… effectively determine(s) our attitude in prayer to him,’ (Donovan). In the Lord’s prayer Jesus reminds his followers that they are praying to their Father. When Jesus prayed in John 17 the first part of his prayer concerns his identity in the Father. This understanding should deeply shape your attitude and style of praying. It should motivate, inspire, comfort and challenge you as your prayers develop authenticity and move from being a task to a meaningful conversation. Our Father also highlights that you pray in community with your Christian family. The Lord’s prayer is spoken in the plural – our father, give us, forgive us, as we forgive, lead us, deliver us. Prayer is therefore about enriching a relationship first with God and then with his family. In John 17 Jesus prays that they ‘may be one’