How prayer can transform your daily life November 20, 2016 Download: Audio Jesus prayed to God with requests so how much more should you? Many people don’t ask God for help for themselves because they don’t think they are important enough or because others need their prayers or because they think (either consciously or subconsciously) they can cope without God’s help. But this is mistaken.

By asking God for help you realise that he loves you and wants to provide for you and his family. You allow his Spirit more room in your life, the life of his church and his world. You begin to be open to a far greater range of possibilities than you previously imagined possible as you see that God is able to do immeasurably more than all you hope for or imagine.

In John 17 Jesus prays first for himself then for others. Your pattern should be the same. So asking God to help you with the daily things of life move to ask the same for God for your community and world. You can’t expect God to do anything if you don’t ask him for anything. As James says ‘you don’t have because you don’t ask.’