Stand Alone Talks

Jesus – The Servant King 5th June 2022
Barry Kirk
Jesus – even greater than our Queen.
This talk was delivered by Barry on the occasion of our Platinum Jubilee Sunday service on behalf of Nathan Hunt who was unable to attend due to illness.

Stop Doubting and Beleive 17th April 2022 - Easter
Nathan Hunt
John 20 v1-10 & 19-30

Jesus's Road to Arrest 3rd April 2022
Steve Froud
Genesis Ch 1 (Extracts), Isaiah Ch 6 v1-5, Isaiah Ch 53 v2-12, Luke Ch 4 v14-30, John Ch 11 v1-16, Luke Ch 19 v28, Luke Ch 21 v37-38, Luke Ch 22 v1-2, Luke Ch22 v7-20, Luke Ch 22 v39-42,
Luke Ch 22 v45-47, Mark Ch 14 v48-49
Through a series of readings, Steve takes us on Jesus's Journey up to the point of his arrest.

God Cares Sunday 27th March 2022
Nathan Hunt
Matthew Ch 23 v3-39

Where Hope Can be Found Sunday 20th March 2022
Nathan Hunt
Isaiah Ch 60 v1-7, 10-12 & 18-22
Are you looking for someone to save the day? This talk explains where hope comes from and why those who follow Jesus can be more realistic and at the same time more confident than anyone else.

Planters and Wateres Sunday 16th February 2020
Phil Creighton
1 Corinthians Ch 3 v1-9

Sunday 2nd June 2019
Wendy Fruen

Hebrrews 11 Sunday 11th August 2019
PHil Greighton
Psaim 33 v18-22
Hebrews Ch 11 v1-3 and v 8-16

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